Town Branch Commons – A centerpiece of our community for decades to come

Town Branch Commons is a collection of projects that connects neighborhoods, parks, and our urban and rural communities.

A Central Park
Town Branch Park, located adjacent to a remodeled Lexington Convention Center, is a central park that will become Lexington’s premier public space and the centerpiece of Lexington. The park will include a diverse set of features that will serve everyone.

Making the Connection
Located along the historic path of Town Branch creek, Town Branch Greenway is an urban greenway that will connect new and existing downtown parks and two trail systems, creating more than 22 miles of protected bike and pedestrian paths.

Improved Public Space
Town Branch Greenway connects five existing public spaces. Leveraging private grants, innovative ideas for how to improve these spaces are being tested and evaluated. Additional grants and other funding will be pursued to make the most successful ideas permanent.

Download the presentation package here.